Dear Fellow WDAC members and fly fishers,


Winterbourne Zelston is back open for trout fishing!


In these very difficult times, I am pleased to report two lockdown treats for us (not including that we can still fish, on our own and following all the rules).


The first treat is that we have today restocked Winterbourne Zelston, which looks in great shape. The water level is within inches of the overflow cill and is gin clear. With weed growth capped by the low water levels of the summer, there is open water everywhere to fish, with good depth of weed free water across the whole lake. The banks are in great shape, with most of them freshly mown, as is the paddock. The toilet has been fixed, so it now flushes properly (but please remember the Covid hygiene rules if you use it, especially for whoever may use it after you). This does mean that the “end of season special” £30 ticket is now invalid and cannot be used anymore. We revert to normal day ticketing arrangements. From personal experience, the end of season special ticket has been excellent, allowing fishing to continue right through the summer and some superb rainbows and big brown trout have been caught, even when the water was at it’s lowest (when I had a 5lb Brown, sight caught in the middle of the afternoon). Two members came back for a second ticket during the summer, and took their three rainbows on that second ticket (as well as the first).


The second treat is the fish we have stocked today. Again they are the hard fighting, great eating rainbows we have been enjoying this year but, in what maybe a one off treat, the average size we have stocked today is bigger than any stocking this year, at either Zelston or Rawlsbury. These fish will really test you and your tackle so, in all seriousness, be prepared. I wouldn’t fish leaders less than 8lb, check all your knots are very well tied and check your fly line to backing connection is sound, especially if you haven’t seen it in a while.


As you have been doing (many thanks), please email me your catch returns so I can ensure timely restocking through the season - it does really help me to help us all.


Finally, take care and stay safe, enjoy that we can still fish in this lockdown period, but remember the social distancing and hygiene rules for everyone’s sake and so that we can carry on being allowed to fish


Tight Lines


Nigel Horsman

Game Secretary

Wimborne and District Angling Club


PS A major reason we are allowed to fish is the tireless work of the Angling Trust in influencing Government. I would urge all anglers to join AT to support that effort.