Dear Fellow Trout Anglers


Firstly, I hope everyone is well and has not been visited by the Coronavirus and has coped with our period of enforced lockdown. The virus is still out there and still intent on doing harm so I would urge all of us to stay safe and, as Boris says, stay alert. As we now know, this is particularly the case for our older members - take care out there!


As I’m sure you all know, we are able to go fishing again, within the social distancing and hygiene rules, starting this Wednesday, 13th May. The club has issued guidance to all members for safe fishing. I thought it worth dropping a note to the Game Section with some specific points for us.


Winterbourne Zelston will open on Wednesday and is in good shape insofar as we have kept our trout fed to hopefully maintain their condition.  We will do what we can to bring the banksides and grassy areas into shape ahead of Wednesday. The fishing hut is to remain closed and out of bounds so please email me at with your catch returns and any comments on the fishing or the fish. That way I can keep on top of stock levels and reorder fresh trout when needed. The portaloo is also unfortunately to be closed. We are endeavouring to get all our portaloos serviced ASAP after which we will lock the door, meantime please do not use - sorry. When entering the fishery through the padlocked gate please follow good hand hygiene practice to avoid any risk of inadvertently spreading the virus or catching it and once on the fishery please follow the now normal social distancing rules. It is possible that the fishery could be quite busy, especially in the first few days and the club does not have a “booking” system, therefore, if the fishery is full when you arrive you may obviously return later that day or not use your ticket on that day but save it for another day, preferably in the next week or two. Please let me know if that happens so I know I’m not missing a catch return - thanks.


As you know, we were unable to stock Rawlsbury before the lockdown so we will shortly be inspecting the water and organising stocking. I will let all members know as soon as this is done and the fishery is open. Until then it remains closed. The same rules as for Winterbourne Zelston will apply at Rawlsbury. Additionally, signing in at the signing in hut will not be required, but the farm manager may ask you on the bank to confirm your club membership and day ticket purchase. I am sure you will all show him appropriate courtesy.


It is also a good point to remember that some of our river stretches hold trout and are available for fly fishing, in particular Netherwood Mead and Tricketts and Parsons on the Stour near Wimborne. Mayfly hatches have been reported!


Finally, the trout in Zelston are of a good average size, they’re hungry and the water is a little warmer so they have plenty of energy - the fishing could be interesting - be sure of your leaders and knots!!


Tight Lines



Game Secretary



Leo, one of our promising junior fly fishers was taken on the first day of the return to angling to Winterborne Zelston, where last year at about the same time he attended the Club's Game Section Open Day. He has clearly progressed in terms of his skills and took this terrific fish of 6lbs 9oz.   Few people can be happier about Angling coming back.