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Wildlife images courtesy of Hugh Miles.

MARCH 2019

The standard of entries into the 2018/19 Annual Photography Competition was exceptionally high, with no shortage of contenders for a winner. A huge thank you to everyone that entered, we'll be adding these images to the Club's new website in the coming weeks if we haven't done so already.


Jenson Thompson's entry of two lovely perch from Creekmoor was chosen as the winner in the junior category, his smile epitomising the magic of fishing amongst our younger generation.


Jason Read's spectacular shot of a Kingsbridge linear mirror was selected as the senior category winner.


Congratulations to both Jenson and to Jason, both will be awarded a year's free membership for their winning entries.

WDAC Photo Comp Winners

By James Nash, Club Media Officer

  • 2018/19 Photo Comp winners
  • A thank you form Club Chairman Mike Hirsh
  • Upcoming events from Club Welfare Officer Sean Harris
  • The closed season from Mike Hirsh
  • Stick Baits Comp

I will be shortly attending the Club’s Annual General Meeting to chair it for the third time. At this meeting I will be thanking those Members, who put so much back into the Club. The Club, has had a terrific last twelve months simply because a few people have put in extraordinary shifts to move it along.


These members know who they are. They operate in ways to best suit their skills and I cannot think that there are many organisations with such a diversity of talent. I find them positively inspirational.

Thank you

By Mike Hirsh, Club Chairman

I would like members reading this to pause and think about how the quality of the web-site continues to improve, the way in which membership administration and the Club’s accounts are managed, the winning of grants, the increase in junior membership inspired by Club open days, the excellence of the practical work on the ground in the last twelve months at Pinnock Lakes Edmondsham, at Kingsbridge, and at Winterborne Zelston; the stocking of fish including the routine stocking of our trout lakes, the running of matches and the general maintenance of our waters. The Club has bailiffs out working on all your behalves, and it is no accident that the Club also features in the National angling press.


What a great bunch of people!

As we go into spring your Club is busy in the process of organising various events. As you would have seen from last year, we are very keen to engage with the communities in and around our venues, local schools and charities.


So far we have been asked to support a local 'Young Persons Looked After' group, giving them the opportunity to experience one of the best past times there is. We have also, through the Angling Trust, been asked to host an event on one of our complexes, further details of this will be published nearer the time. We will be holding a fly fishing open day soon, again further details will be released shortly.


Going into the summer we will also be holding our successful "Lets go Family Fishing" days and also looking at running a "Get Back into Angling" campaign


As ever, these events are only possible through the commitment of the members of the club, giving up their time to support us, to whom we are truly grateful.


If you feel that you can help and support any of these campaigns, either by donating tackle or your valuable time, please let me know, my email address is below:





WDAC 2019 events

By Sean Harris, Club Welfare Officer

There used to be a short closed season window for me in late March, when I could not fish. The coarse season had ended on 14 March and the trout season was yet to start. It was also almost always the case that the latter half of March produced much better weather so that there was an immediate regret about not making good use of it by being next to a piece of water. However, today things are different. Anglers can fish lakes all the year round and on enclosed waters trout can be caught too. Part of me believes this year round fishing is a good idea, but I used to use the last two weeks of March for maintenance, to relieve non-fishing symptoms – it was enforced discipline.

Tackle maintenance and the loss of the closed season

By Mike Hirsh, Club Chairman

Whilst this enforced fishing break has gone I still try to have a good overhaul session at about this time. I normally wash off reels and wipe down rods after each trip and also, completely dry out nets and waders and get the nets out in the sunshine too; ever more conscious of the threats to fish stocks from disease that can be transmitted by not following the check, clean, dry routine. However, looking closely at rods and giving the handles a spring clean; taking apart reels and giving the internals a clean and light grease is important to keep tackle usable.


Checking over lines and replacing old ones is critical for any sort of fishing. I have a list of reels, spools and the dates when the lines were last changed. It is as important for trout fishing as it is for coarse fishing. Wear and tear on lines needs to be thought about and it is not that easy because some spools are kept in my tackle bags and only brought out into the sunlight and used for odd occasions whilst others get used routinely. I am not about to lay down criteria for changing lines but it is important to be confident that line is not about to part when into the next big fish, or even simply when casting.


Completely emptying tackle boxes and bags and putting back only what you really need; is pure entertainment. There is always that interesting moment when you discover what is really at the bottom of the bag – seldom something to keep, although I do recall finding a five pence piece, which went back into circulation once the dehydrated SPAM had been removed from one side.


If in doubt throw away hooks you cannot trust and do this and the discarding of lines safely. Trout fishermen are inclined to look at the fly dressing, but not be so good about checking the hooks underneath. If the hooks have been used you might want to sharpen them too!


Sharpening hooks by the bankside is something I do now and again any way, but that is because I was once taught by a helpful grayling how important it is to have a point on the hook. This fish was close to the far bank of a stream and it was a slightly tricky cast to drop a fly just in front of it and then mend the line to avoid the fly being dragged away too quickly. Over about half an hour I got the fly in the right place about four times and each resulted in a rise, a take and then a miss on the strike. Indeed this grayling was very helpful on the last occasion by having a good look at the fly before eating it, as if it too was surprised that this insect kept being whipped out of its mouth. Of course there was no point to the hook at all, and I concluded that I must have bashed it off on the gravel path on the high bank behind my casting position. One of those several occasions in my life where the fish was plainly brighter than me.


I am looking forward to some great fishing on our Club waters this year and tight lines to you all.

We'll soon be starting to publish the entries into the Sticky Baits Competition.


There are three prizes on offer, totalling £175 worth of bait to redeem from Wessex Angling. Simply send us your carp fishing images with a short accompanying story and you'll be in with a chance of winning.


Entries can be fish captures, scenery or indeed wildlife, anything than encapsulates why being out on the bank is an attractive proposition!


Entry closes May 31st, so plenty of time to capture that special moment if you've yet to do so.

£175 Sticky Baits giveaway

By James Nash, Club Media Officer






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