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A warm welcome to the WDAC Game section. The Club has two beautiful dedicated trout venues, three lakes in total at Winterborne Zelston and Rawlsbury.


See below for details on how to buy your game tickets and for up-to-date game-related news.


For Winterborne Zelston


A Two Fish Ticket

Member - £22        Guest - £27.50


A Three Fish Ticket    

Member - £33        Guest - £41.25


A Four Fish  Ticket

Member - £44        Guest - £55


A Five Fish Ticket

Member - £55        Guest - £66


For Rawlsbury Lakes (Closed 1st November - 28th Feb inclusive)


A Two Fish Ticket

Member - £22        Guest - £27.50


A Three Fish Ticket    

Member - £33        Guest - £41.25


A Four Fish  Ticket

Member - £44        Guest - £55


A Five Fish Ticket

Member - £55        Guest - £66


(Catch and release on Viners and Sandy's as usual)


Trout tickets are available online to members to buy using Paypal but you require a password to access the 'Buy Tickets Page'.


If you do not have a password please email the Game Secretary gamesecretary@


When using a PayPal receipt please record your catch return and PayPal purchase on the special tickets provided at the venues and post this in the returns box; as well as recording on the catch return sheets.


Trout tickets can also be obtained for members and their guests at:


Conyers, West Street, Blandford


Wessex Angling, 321 Wimborne Road, Poole, BH15 3DH


For full details on how to join


Hello fellow game fishers,


We need more rain, now that’s a statement we all want to hear? We certainly do if WZ is to recover from the low water levels. We continue to extract more weed from the lake – like cutting grass, it’s a never ending task. This year has been particularly onerous as the weed has not died off as it did last year. Over the month we have paid particular attention to cutting the weed with the Neptune rake and I must thank all who participated, we have cleared tons of the stuff!

Hey Ho! Less of the weed talk, let’s hear from your comments for the month


• 2 fish yesterday at WZ.  Both 2lb. Lost a few in the weed. Difficult conditions with weed and low water. Fish both usual top quality.


• 2, 5 lb and 6 lb. Neither contained anything. I started on my tiny bugs, but go on response – not surprising with stocked fish. Changed to an Apache, and had the 2 very quickly. They didn’t fight all that well – water temperature I guess, but that should start to drop soon. Problem was getting them through the surface weed. Rather than pull hard and so get them out get their heads down, I just pulled lightly, and they stayed up and wiggled through the weed on their own.


• I went down to WZ yesterday afternoon because Meyrick reported it was fishing well and had two lovely Rainbows both at 4 1/4 pounds on a viva Apache.

It was difficult casting from the right-hand platform because the fish were showing the other side of a weed bed and you had to drop the fly a good 25 metres out and when you hooked up had to guide the fish round the weed.


• Today at Rawlsbury, Chapmans, x 2 fish @ 2lbs 8oz and 5lbs 10oz. Virtually top-weed free. Good head of fish, many rising. Easy fishing! Thank you.


• I had a couple of hours at Rawlsbury yesterday and had 3 fish, 1x4lb, 2x3lb all on Black Apache. Lots of fish showing but no response to my dry offerings. Fish all in good condition and fought well. Several more tugs and knocks which did not hold on. Another lovely evening.


• Great afternoon at Rawlsbury. Lakes in excellent condition. Landed my two fish bag in quick style. One from Chapman’s and one from Cowleaze. 2lbs 2 ozs and 2 lbs 9 respectively. Good strong fighters both on a dead slow GRHE.


• Pleasantly surprised when arriving at Zelston to find a reasonable amount of fishable water on the west side of the lake. Even more pleased to find that there were a number of fish happy to occupy the area. Gareth was first into a fish on a small nymph pattern, successfully landing it. Unusually for him it only weighed in at around 2lb. I followed up hooking a larger fish only to have it spit the hook at the last moment. Gareth hooked a fish on a cat's whisker off of the gabion bank but was unable to land it after, once again, the fish spitting the hook. I followed shortly afterwards with a fish hooked on a cat's whisker only to once again lose it before I could get it in  the net. Altogether an enjoyable morning. Interesting to watch, were the juvenile swans. When I was playing the first hooked fish, two of them followed it around as I tried to bring it to the net, attempting to catch it and for the first time a little later I actually had one of the juveniles pick up my fly line and attempt to swim away with it. It's days like this that give as much pleasure as landing half a dozen fish. We don't always want to take fish home so when they give us sport and release themselves at the net, we've had a good day.


Fishing Books


I have attached a list of book titles which you may like to look at. They have been kindly donated by a retiring member so if you are interested, please contact me and I will endeavour to meet up or you could collect.



If you are thinking of visiting WZ soon please bear in mind the amount of work we have put in to clear portions of the lake. So, when you go to fish and there is surface weed in front of you can I suggest that you use one of the floating rakes


to clear a patch. These are stored next to the fishing hut. This could help enormously in the maintenance of these lakes particularly at this time of year.


Tight lines,






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