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A warm welcome to the WDAC Game section. The Club has two beautiful dedicated trout venues, three lakes in total at Winterborne Zelston and Rawlsbury.


See below for details on how to buy your game tickets and for up-to-date game-related news.


Hello fellow game fishers


The weather this March has given us all a welcome to spring fishing and many of you have been out enjoying the sunshine and catching some real beauties.


Before I get to the reports of catches I will briefly mention about the AGM on the 8th March. It was well attended and nothing too controversial was decided. I think you will all be pleasantly surprised to hear that as our finances are in good order we were able to maintain prices at current levels even though the cost of providing fish has increased. This will of course be closely monitored as energy price hikes are going to affect us all in so many ways. A full report of the meeting is going to be published on the club’s website.




I will mention that on the 14th May we are going to host a day where any beginner or newly joined member can come along and be shown the rudiments of casting a fly by experienced fly fisherman. The day will be headed up by David Lynch who is a qualified instructor. If you wish to attend please email me and I will compile a list on a first come first serve basis. If you have the kit you will need a weight # 6 or #7 rod with medium/long head weight forward line to match. If you haven't suitable tackle the club will provide this on the day.


Some of your reports for March are as follows:-


  • Very slow till I got my brain into gear and stopped fishing large bright things and went back to tried and tested. Both on a small drab buzzer (14) on the indicator floated just over the weed. One contained nothing. The other was full of corixa. Had seen little corixa dimples 10 days or so ago, so should have known, but there is a hint for me!
  • Nice morning – a bit slow till about 11 when a fish or two rose. Corixa didn’t work. Went on a 14 drab buzzer, and changed location to cover the rise. They were a long way out in the middle and left and right of the bottom jetty.  Got one very quickly on the buzzer (4 ¼, another next cast – leader broke. And then a short pause and my last at 5 ¼, again on the little buzzer/indicator, quite shallow.
  • Yesterday Gareth and myself had a very pleasant day at Winterbourne Zelston. Gareth caught two very nice Rainbows, one at 4lb 3oz and the other 3lb 4oz. I had two equally nice rainbows, one at 3lb 12oz and the other 3lb 9oz. My second fish, I do believe, had escaped from a circus, incredibly acrobatic and took some time to get to the net.
  • Fished Zelston from 11to 3,lovely conditions. Had one on a size 12 pheasant tail with bright green thorax. 3lb 4oz,fished slowly. Highlight, a cracking 6lb 13oz beauty. Took me down to backing on three savage runs, and just kept fighting all the way to the net. Fished again slowly with a green buzzer, orange eye. See below

WORK Parties


We have started early this year at Rawlsbury. Most of the work was carried around Chapmans lake. The track from the hut has been dug out so that it provides better access, and a huge quantity of weed was extracted. At Winterbourne Zelston we have also concentrated on weed removal. All this work early on should buy us all more time to fish later on in the season. Below is a photo of just one pull across the lake using our Neptune rake and capstan winch. It’s a brilliant bit of kit!

This is the rake that is under all that weed!


Thank you all for sending me your returns. Please do so as soon as you can with details of your payment. This really helps me to keep good records of your catches and shows how quickly we need to restock.


Tight lines!



For Winterborne Zelston


A Two Fish Ticket

Member - £20        Guest - £25


For Rawlsbury Lakes (Closed 1st November - 28th Feb inclusive)


A Two Fish Ticket

Member - £20         Guest - £25


A Three Fish Ticket    

Member - £30

(Catch and release on Viners as usual)


A Four Fish  Ticket

Member - £40          Guest - £50


A Five Fish Ticket

Member - £50      Guest - £60


Trout tickets are available online to members to buy using Paypal but you require a password to access the 'Buy Tickets Page'.


If you do not have a password please email the Game Secretary gamesecretary@


When using a PayPal receipt please record your catch return and PayPal purchase on the special tickets provided at the venues and post this in the returns box; as well as recording on the catch return sheets.


Trout tickets can also be obtained for members and their guests at:


Conyers, West Street, Blandford


Castaways, 78 Ashley Road, Poole, BH14  9BN


Wessex Angling, 321 Wimborne Road, Poole, BH15 3DH




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