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A warm welcome to the WDAC Game section. The Club has two beautiful dedicated trout venues, three lakes in total at Winterborne Zelston and Rawlsbury.


See below for details on how to buy your game tickets and for up-to-date game-related news.


Merry Christmas Game Section!


It’s been a very interesting year for the Game Section. After putting his stamp of highly competent and very friendly management on the Game Section, Paul Nicholls has taken a step back and I now have the privilege of being Game Secretary. Fortunately Paul is still closely involved and provides me with invaluable advice and assistance, which is very much appreciated. Our work party volunteers have done splendid work throughout the year, keeping our fisheries in excellent condition and having fun and camaraderie at the same time (weed excepted, but that’s a different story). The support we receive from Mike Hirsh and the whole club also contribute immensely to the enjoyment we all get back from our trout fishing. A big thank you to all concerned.


Rawlsbury is now closed until the 1st March, when hopefully the weed will be fully died back. With our work party volunteers and understanding and possible assistance from our landlord (whom Mike Hirsch and I met a few weeks ago - he was fully aware of the problems we have had this year with weed growth and keen to help if he can) we will strive to prevent the issues we have had this year with the weed, but there are no guarantees!


Winterbourne Zelston is obviously open throughout the year and in excellent condition at the moment. The trout stocked at the end of October have been thinned out a little, but there are still plenty of fabulous fish in there to catch. They are no longer gullible stockies though, they have wised up and are more challenging. I was at the water a couple of days ago and you can still spot cruising fish and even some surface activity. I would suggest allowing extra fishing time at the moment as you may need to change fly patterns, and depths and speeds of retrieve to tempt these fish now. With the rainbows not so numerous you also have a better chance of a brown trout, which can be released (with care please) if you wish. What better way to spend some time over the festive period?


Mike Hirsh and I have been reviewing our trout suppliers, partly in response to changing market conditions. This has been very interesting but has also highlighted that we face some challenges in maintaining supply of quality fish, but also, potentially, some opportunities. I will write more about this if and when we have more concrete news to bring. Meanwhile I would emphasise that the quality and average size of trout currently in Winterbourne Zelston is superb.


Finally, can I thank all our game section anglers for your continued support. We strive to provide a first class experience  and I have to say, I think we do a very good job of it. Please keep buying tickets and enjoying your fishing with us so we can keep providing what you want.


Happy Christmas and tight lines throughout the New Year!


Nigel Horsman


PS I hope to see as many of you as possible at the game section annual meeting.


For Winterborne Zelston


A Two Fish Ticket

Member - £20        Guest - £25


For Rawlsbury Lakes (Closed 1st November - 28th Feb inclusive)


A Two Fish Ticket

Member - £20         Guest - £25


A Three Fish Ticket    

Member - £30

(Catch and release on Viners as usual)


A Four Fish  Ticket

Member - £40          Guest - £50


A Five Fish Ticket

Member - £50      Guest - £60


Trout tickets are available online to members to buy using Paypal but you require a password to access the 'Buy Tickets Page'.


If you do not have a password please email the Game Secretary gamesecretary@


When using a PayPal receipt please record your catch return and PayPal purchase on the special tickets provided at the venues and post this in the returns box; as well as recording on the catch return sheets.


Trout tickets can also be obtained for members and their guests at:


Conyers, West Street, Blandford


Castaways, 78 Ashley Road, Poole, BH14  9BN


Wessex Angling, 321 Wimborne Road, Poole, BH15 3DH


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