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A warm welcome to the WDAC Game section. The Club has two beautiful dedicated trout venues, three lakes in total at Winterborne Zelston and Rawlsbury.


See below for details on how to buy your game tickets and for up-to-date game-related news.


For Winterborne Zelston


A Two Fish Ticket

Member - £22        Guest - £27.50


A Three Fish Ticket    

Member - £33        Guest - £41.25


A Four Fish  Ticket

Member - £44        Guest - £55


A Five Fish Ticket

Member - £55        Guest - £66


For Rawlsbury Lakes (Closed 1st November - 28th Feb inclusive)


A Two Fish Ticket

Member - £22        Guest - £27.50


A Three Fish Ticket    

Member - £33        Guest - £41.25


A Four Fish  Ticket

Member - £44        Guest - £55


A Five Fish Ticket

Member - £55        Guest - £66


(Catch and release on Viners and Sandy's as usual)


Trout tickets are available online to members to buy using Paypal but you require a password to access the 'Buy Tickets Page'.


If you do not have a password please email the Game Secretary gamesecretary@


When using a PayPal receipt please record your catch return and PayPal purchase on the special tickets provided at the venues and post this in the returns box; as well as recording on the catch return sheets.


Trout tickets can also be obtained for members and their guests at:


Conyers, West Street, Blandford


Wessex Angling, 321 Wimborne Road, Poole, BH15 3DH


For full details on how to join


Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to you all!

Winterbourne Zelston in full flood this month.



Dear Game Fishers,


At WZ conditions have been difficult there is no doubt. One storm after another has left the ground totally saturated and flooding over the banks. Yet a number of you have braved the elements and continue to enjoy a days fishing in between rain showers and high winds. What stalwarts you are!


• I visited WZ this afternoon. Flood water from the flooded field was running ankle deep over the path to the right hand pier. Fish were showing near the bank where the submerged outlet pipes are so I bunged a small white nymph into the stream there and had 4 lovely fighting 3-4lb fish in about the same number of casts. It was difficult casting due to near gale force winds but a short cast was all that was required really. Brilliant fun! Thank you.


• I called in at WZ on my way home from Moreton on Friday and saw that the flooded field was streaming into the lake creating a taking lie for the trout. The weather was too rough yesterday but I trusted my weather APP which said it would clear up at midday today. I got there at 1315 and sure enough it was fishable. The fish were indeed lying in the stream and in fact I caught my first fish on a very short pre cast as I tried to sink the white Apache. Two more followed in quick succession, all good fish that fought well.

I paused and bought a two fish ticket to add to my 3 and changed to a floating foam daddy as the Apache was too easy !

Pulling the daddy through the surface excited the fish ( and me !) and I caught my two. All rainbows at 5, 4.8, 4.12, 4, and 3.12.

An amazing visit !


• lovely days fishing. The levels @ WZ are the highest I’ve ever seen, pouring over the field bank @ creating a proper conveyor belt of feed for the trout queing up! Took my two on a small lure next to the flow, 5lb 2oz, and 3lb exactly


• Hi, lovely morning crystal lake and full to the brim. Had 2 hard fighting rainbows, one 3lb 13oz and the other 4lb 1oz. Nice condition fish.


• Conditions were perfect. Lots of sign and fish rising everywhere. Tried everything for about a hour then suddenly fish started taking. By then I had tied on a Black Pennell which accounted for 3 fish in quick succession, all around the 3lb mark. Brilliant outing.


• 2 Fish 1 at 5 ½ 1 at 4 ½

Chucked an orange and green lure into the floodwater. Got a pull 2nd cast. Solid take on the third, but the cast wasn’t going out properly.  Anyway, landed that. Then found I couldn’t reach where I wanted to – where the flood tailed out. I put it down ot the wind, but in fact I hadn’t set the rod up properly and the line was around the tip.


Much frustration, and tried different spots to beat the “wind” Thought I sorted the rod – but didn’t!  Eventually brain engaged and I not only sorted the rod properly, but also spooned the fish.  Which I should have done ages before. Full of small bugs like corixa etc. Stuck a size 14  Hares ear spider on the end. And cast properly. Ist cast was short. 2nd cast  was good, into the slower water. Almost immediate take. Happy fisherman.


• Fished today and lost my first fish which was a good'n but threw the hook. Had a couple more 3-4lb’ers. Plenty of fish showing which is encouraging. Water pouring in off the field.


• Hell of a wind – more than I expected. Anyway, every fish I have caught, or heard of has contained small bugs, so small bug it was (Non specific olive, ribbed, size 14 hairy job with a hen hackle for mobility).  4th 5th cast (short) off the platform beyond the fishing hut, which offered some shelter, and down went the indicator. Nice fish of about 3lb. Contained non-specific dark olive size 14 bugs. Lots of them.


Kept trying for 30 minutes without further success – played with a lure and tried at the cottage end as well, but too much wind.  Moved to the left bank, stuck a diawl Bach (size 14) on and shortened to clear the weed. 3rd cast and another 3 pounder.


• No longer any water streaming in and causing lies. I had a good follow on a white Apache out from the pipe that was flowing and moved round to the platform on the other side of the lake. Casting almost into the wind to the area I saw a fish show I caught this lovely 9 pounder on the white Apache.


Happy Christmas.





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