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Advice to Wimborne and District Angling Club Members on Angling during the Covid-19 pandemic updated effective from the 29 March 202. [Taking into account the advice published and updated by the Angling Trust on the 19 March 2021].


Member behaviour departing from the following guidance will be likely to amount to a breach of rule 10a in the Club’s Constitution and may lead to the conduct being considered improper for disciplinary purposes. However, the KEY MESSAGE MUST REMAIN THAT EVERY MEMBER WILL NEED TO CONSIDER OTHERS WITH SENSITIVITY AND IN THE WAY WE HAVE ALL HAD TO BECOME ACCUSTOMED. SOCIAL DISTANCING AND EXTREME CARE WITH HAND HYGIENE ARE THE NEW NORMAL AND THAT IS NO DIFFERENT FISHING.


Wimborne and District Angling Guidelines [applicable to Club waters only and not the fisheries where the Club is not responsible for the management but does have ticket arrangements].


1. Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or who shares a household with any individual displaying symptoms, must not go fishing on Club waters and should continue to follow government advice on isolation.

2. Social distancing will be undertaken at all times and a minimum of two metres will be observed between all people on Club waters (except for people in the same household, parents of juniors/minors, who are not from the same isolation household and carers for the less able as a ‘bubble’). Please be sensitive to, and avoid conflicts with, non-fishing members of the public where there is public access (do not spread tackle out as you might do in normal times).

3. When Anglers and non-fishing attendees gather before or after fishing or during a break such as for a picnic there shall be no more than six persons even if two metres apart unless the participants are from the same two  households [‘household’ can include those in the support bubble to that household if eligible].

4. When opening and closing gates and locks use best hygiene practice and carry appropriate equipment and materials [examples are anti-viral hand foam and hand gel - use these after touching hard surfaces in common use].

5. In car parking areas ensure social distancing can be practised. Do not park in locations that may jeopardise the behaviour of others and be patient, so adjacent cars are not in active use being loaded and unloaded at the same time. If there is not an obvious place to park safely leave the site.

6. Angling is to be undertaken on a solitary basis with no sharing of swims or fishing tackle. Use recognised swims/platforms and stay as far apart as is reasonable from your fishing neighbour to avoid the potential for tangles of tackle etc. The only exception to this will be members of the same household fishing together, juniors/minors fishing with a parent not necessarily from the child’s normally isolated household, or disabled fishermen with carers.

7. Portable WC’s  are available for use and are being regularly cleaned. However, this must be entirely at the risk of the user. Please ensure and practice best hygiene using your own materials.

8. Any night fishing session may only be for a maximum of 48 hours with the angler then spending at least 24 hours away from the same water. No leaving tackle or shelters in swims to try to keep a swim from being used, this is both selfish and unreasonable.

9. Take all litter home. [This existing Club rule is repeated as it is totally inappropriate to leave any litter that then may involve others in having to remove it – a recent incident has resulted in a lifetime ban from the Club for a person caught leaving litter].

10. No portable or disposable BBQs of any description are to be used.

11. No swimming in Club waters.

12. All members carrying out routine maintenance or other work will apply the same rules in so far as hygiene and social distancing is concerned and in addition to any particular issues arising from any risk assessment for the relevant work. Follow advice for opening and locking containers and the buildings at Trout waters that is expressed at 3 above: use best hygiene practice and carry appropriate equipment and materials [examples are anti-viral hand foam, hand gel, –use these after touching hard surfaces in common use]. Wipe down hand tools etc. with an anti-bacterial spray. When working on a particular activity no more than six individuals shall gather together in any one place; use common sense in this respect – Three persons working on one side of a lake and four on another is not going to be interpreted as more than six people meeting together.

13. Bailiffs will continue to operate but maintain social distancing requirements; all anglers must hold up their Club membership books for inspection and provide their membership number upon request. [At Rawlsbury also be prepared to offer any individual acting for the landowner the same inspection].

14. There will be no access to the fishing Lodge at Rawlsbury and the Hut at Winterborne Zelston except for storage (see 11 above). All trout ticket returns are to be made by email to the Game Secretary. Do not use paper returns in the boxes.

15. Coarse fishing matches will follow the procedures as previously agreed for operation and if there is any doubt please contact the Match Secretary for further advice. [There are to be no spectators].


Except where in conflict with the above, the existing Club rules continue to apply and in particular attention is drawn to the national requirement for a valid EA rod licence, hours of opening and closing of fisheries and that the normal close season rules for fishing continue to apply on the River Stour and at Alder Hills Pond.


NB: If requested by relevant authorities to do so, the Club will use the personal information it holds on members and guests to assist track and trace for attendees at Club waters.

Revision of rules commencing dawn Monday 29th March MEMBERS ARE REMINDED To check with waters where the club holds concessions before fishing. This is applicable to Longham Reservoir, Revels and Orchard Lakes.
Further details on all of our waters and concessions.
A page of the website purely for our younger members.
WDAC offers our membership the chance to fish two trout waters, Winterborne Zelston and Rawlsbury
MEMBERS ARE REMINDED To check with waters where the club holds concessions before fishing. This is applicable to Longham Reservoir, Revels and Orchard Lakes.





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