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WDAC offers our membership the chance to fish two trout waters, Winterborne Zelston and Rawlsbury


WDAC runs numerous matches across the calendar year, encompassing both stillwaters and the River Stour. Matches are also held on non-club waters.



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For full details on how to join and the rates for 2018/19


Further details on all of our waters and concessions.


  • 'Family fishing day' from Club Welfare Officer, Sean Harris
  • 'Sticky Baits competition winners' by Club Media Officer, James Nash
  • 'Higher Bulbury Ponds by Club Chairman, Mike Hirsh
  • 'Supporting local tackle outlets' by Club Media Officer, James Nash

Let's go family fishing

By Sean Harris

On Sunday the 18th of August we embarked on our “Let’s Go Family Fish Day”, in conjunction with the Angling Trust at our Creekmoor Complex.


Early morning was beset with persistent rain, but the weather forecast, for once proved correct, with the sun finally making an appearance and the day started !!


With our group of dedicated members who kindly volunteered their time and experience we were all set for the day. In total, we had 28 families attend with over 60 kids who experienced fishing for the first time, the smiles and joy we experienced that day will hopefully, ensure the future of the club and the positive effects that fishing has on the community.

The creekmoor complex has proved to be a real community hub, with the Angling Trust grants we have been able to create an oasis of serenity with great access for angler’s and the wider community.


Without the support of the community, the Angling Trust, our valued members and the local tackle shops these events would never get off the ground, for that we are truly grateful.

Sticky Baits competition winners

By James Nash

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2019 Sticky Baits competition. A huge congratulations to Jimmy and Dexter Perrin, Abe Churchill and Luke Mould, who collect a total of £175 worth of Sticky gear from Wessex Angling.


The Club would like to thank both Neil at Wessex Angling and Sticky Baits. Without their prize contributions and support, this competition would simply not have been possible.


A huge thank you also to everyone who entered. Competition was fierce - there were so many quality entries.


A final thank you to Hugh Miles and Chris Yates who providing the judging for the competition too.

Exclusively at

1st Place: Jimmy and Dexter Perrin

£100 to spend on Sticky Baits products at Wessex Angling

2nd Place: Abe Churchill

£50 to spend on Sticky Baits products at Wessex Angling

3rd Place: Luke Mould

£25 to spend on Sticky Baits products at Wessex Angling

The owner of Bulbery Ponds has requested that fishing be suspended whilst he further considers matters. The Club’s officers regret this state of affairs but for the present time this water is not open to Club Members. The Committee will of course keep you advised if the water is to re-open.


The final days fishing will be Saturday 31st August.

Closure of Higher Bulbury Ponds

By Mike Hirsh

Buying locally has numerous benefits to the consumer and provides a number of advantages that aren’t always immediately obvious.


There’s no escaping the fact that sometimes the internet retailers can provide certain products at a reduced price. They have increased buying power and will often provide ‘loss leading’ deals to attract customers. This isn’t in the best interests of the consumer though, or the industry as a whole. Enticing offers can often be followed by persistent ‘sales’, ‘discounts’ and ‘offers’ that are often no more than shallow marketing attempts with no real additional value attributed to them. These ‘deals’ are often no more cost effective than buying from any land-based vendor.

Supporting our local tackle shops

By James Nash

So what benefits do we have as consumers from buying locally from our tackle shops?


• Service. When you purchase goods locally you get the direct knowledge and expertise directly from the vendor. Large corporations are unlikely to be able to provide anywhere near the level of service that a local tackle shop can.


• Aftersales support. In the event you have a post-purchase issue, you have a direct point of contact locally to resolve the issue. This can often be a laborious process with larger companies who are not as focussed on their reputation and the word-of-mouth referrals that local businesses rely so heavily upon. Local outlets are generally therefore more accountable to their surrounding communities.


• Supporting local families. Local tackle dealers are owned by people that live locally. By supporting their businesses, you are directly helping support the people that work hard to provide us with these products and services. These families then purchase goods and services locally– something that purchasing from a national or online corporation doesn’t equate to.


• Supporting the local economy. Money spent locally directly supports the local economy. This could be in a number of ways – local accountants, delivery drivers, window cleaners, commercial cleaners etc. Tax and rates paid locally directly benefit the local populous by having additional funds invested for public services and government departments.


• Convenience. By spending your hard-earned money in local outlets you are directly supporting these outlets to help them continue trading. We’ve all been there before a fishing session and realised we’re missing some terminal tackle or bait. Having local dealers around us alleviates this problem. Would we not rather be buying tackle and fresh bait when we want to, rather than relying on delivery slots from larger companies?


• A sense of community. How many times have you popped into your local tackle shop for a bit of advice, a fishing-related chat or to meet fellow anglers? Our shops promote the essence of a local angling community – without these, this stops.


• Environmental factors. An ever important consideration when purchasing goods is the impact on the environment that this purchase has. Smaller local outlets will have significantly smaller carbon footprints than any national outfit. By buying locally you are directly helping reduce unwanted environmental contributions.


Some of the local tackle shops are listed below. Next time you’re thinking about making a purchase, pop down to your favoured tackle shop – you’ll be making more of a difference than perhaps you realised. We all benefit from having these shops available to us. If we don’t use them, we will lose them! Remember, you can claim a 10% discount at Wessex Tackle and Purbeck Angling on production of your WDAC membership book


• Wessex Angling (Poole)

• Purbeck Angling (Wareham)

• Arthur Conyers (Blandford)

• Bournemouth Fishing Lodge (Bournemouth)

• Castaways (Parkstone)

• Christchurch Angling (Christcurch)

• Ringwood Tackle (Ringwood)





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