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For full details on how to join and the rates for 2020/21

APRIL 2021

April Update

By Club Chairman, Mike Hirsh

I went fishing yesterday. I was seduced by the sunshine and the promise of the wind dropping away, although I knew, really, it was likely to be difficult. Medleys at Edmondsham had the protective strings across the lake, to defend the Club’s fish against cormorants removed the Tuesday before, so I thought I would give it a try with my 13 foot float rod and centre pin. It was a frustrating afternoon as the wind was from the north-east and more persistent than I expected. My float got blown about. The water was still chilly too, probably because of the very low night-time temperatures and the result was two small fish in three hours – one crucian and one tench. I knew my chances would have been better if I had got there at dawn, rather than 3 p.m. and I had forgotten my weed rake, which the swim probably needed. However, the main problem seemed to me to poor weather conditions coupled with the chilly water.


I went back to check my copy of ‘Weather to Fish’ by Jack Meylar. The author was a Spitfire pilot and an enthusiastic game fisherman and found that often, when planes were grounded due to bad weather, fishing could be pretty good. He was one of the first men to really analyse weather against his catches. He advises ‘sustained periods of either very high or very low pressure are not good for game fishing, as the fish tend to become inactive...’ When pressure is rising the water surface takes up oxygen and this in turn encourages fish movement, but after a while this action appears to wear off. Cold wind cools the water surface. It is my experience that it affects coarse fish too and carp including crucians and tench too much prefer and are more active when the water is warmer and also feed better on overcast days when low pressure is on the move. Anyway, sitting there in my swim did give me some time to think about this short newsletter.


Club officers have been digesting the responses of the questionnaire and I thank all that returned them. This will be dealt with in more detail in the next newsletter. However it is sensible to deal with one item now. Disappointment with Little Canford Ponds was a consistent concern.  Little Canford is leased and the owners have consistently refused to help in any way with dredging, weed control or stocking. A key to its improvement would be the dredging around the platforms to then enable weed control in those areas too by the removal of the silt.  The landlords have the equipment but not the motivation. It has been an on-going problem for a number of years and indeed was that subject of an item written by Stuart Hitchman in 2018 as follows:


For those of you that did not attend the AGM in March and in light of questions raised both on the bank and through social media I felt it appropriate to provide an update on this particular venue.


It is apparent that the fishing at Little Canford has become extremely difficult.  There has been no significant catch reports submitted over the past 18 months. This is particularly disappointing considering the gargantuan weed clearing effort carried out by numerous voluntary working parties during 2016 and 17.


The Club’s officers have met with the owners to try to get silt removed around the platforms, which is central to the problems but to date, despite some goodwill, there has unfortunately bee no action.


Members have also reported the presence of otters on the complex and along with the high migrant cormorant population in the Stour Catchment it is likely that predation has been responsible for the noticeable decline in both the quality and quantity of fish catches.


Despite these problems the Club delivered some very successful coaching classes at Little Canford during summer 2017 with many small perch and roach being caught and some jack pike.


As the summer fast approaches, inevitably the weed will thrive in the nutrient rich shallow water and fishing will become extremely challenging. Carrying a throwing rake to clear your preferred swim prior to fishing is recommended.  Temper your expectations and if necessary give one of the Club’s other waters a go instead.


Three years further on your Committee are frustrated and know that the problems with this water are currently irresolvable. We do not want to raise false hopes. The lease will therefore be handed back at the end of this calendar year.


Our focus has recently been on improving waters and increasing usability where possible. Part of the next newsletter will focus on recent works and stocking of bream at Kingsbridge.


However to provide Club members with other options the Committee are pleased to advise that from the 1st May 2021 the Crooked Willows fisheries, not far from Holt Heath will be available to members. It is staying a day ticket fishery but any Club member will be able to fish without having to pay.


The Club has also agreed an initial arrangement with Hordle Lakes to also take effect from 1st May 2021. The Club has an initial 3 month concession for five tickets a day. However, the expectation is that this will then be extended. The details of both these new waters will shortly be posted on the web-site.


Guest tickets will not be available to fish these waters but of course tickets will be able to be purchased at the fisheries.


Last but not least the Club has arranged concessionary terms for angling periodicals as follows:



Improve Your Coarse Fishing

Angling Times and

Trout and Salmon magazine


Tight Lines

WDAC magazine discount codes

By Club Media Officer, James Nash

We're delighted to be able to offer members discount codes to some of the UK's most popular angling publications.Discount codes need entering at checkout. Please note that the Club does not receive commissions from any sales, members are benefiting from the negotiated discount available to us.


Full details are below:


33% discount (£22 discount)


Annual subscription deal on the super saver bundle




10% discount (up to £4.90 discount)

Annual subscriptions only, minimum £35 spend

Digital or Print




10% discount (up to £9.80 discount)

Annual subscriptions only, minimum £35 spend

Digital or Print




10% discount (up to £5.60 discount)

Annual subscriptions only, minimum £35 spend

Digital or Print



New waters!

By Club Secretary Stuart Hitchman and

Club Media Officer, James Nash

We're excited to announce that the Club will have concessionary access to two new waters from May 1st, Hordle Lakes and Crooked Willow fisheries.


Hordle Lakes is a first-class commercial fishery, located just outside of New Milton Hampshire. Members will have access to all lakes, with the only exception being Bob's Lake.


Crooked Willow is a stunning stream-fed farm pond located on the western edge of Horton Heath.


Both venues will be on an initial probationary period, please abide by the rules of the fisheries as we already do for Orchard and Revels.

Hordle Lakes

Present membership book with photograph to on-site bailiff.

All nets and mats need to be dipped before fishing

Must have an unhooking mat and nets

Barbless hooks only

Min 32″ landing net required for Willow Lake

2 rods maximum per angler

No fires or BBQ

No dogs

1 spectator per angler. Costs may apply

No mass baiting

No bait boats or wading

No alcohol or drug abuse

No standing with any fish

All fish must be returned straight away

No cutting back foliage

Abuse to staff will not be tolerated

Beanie mat required for Willow Lake

No Radios or Speakers

All guests must check in prior to going to lakes

No children under the age of 6 on Willow and Long Lake

No children under the age of 14 on Spring Lake

No children under the age of 16 to be unaccompanied

All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times and not left to run or climb around fishery

All anglers must be respectful towards other anglers

No visitors unless booked in

Fishing from recognized swims only.

Hordle Lakes, Golden Hill,

Ashley Lane, Hordle,

New Milton, Hampshire,

SO41 0GA


Crooked Willow

• Open all year round.

• No night fishing.

• No dogs.

• Present membership book with photograph to on-site bailiff.

• Club guest tickets are not available.

• Day tickets can be purchased from the on-site bailiff.

• Adhere to all on-site rules.

• Fishing from recognized swims only.

Holt Road, Mannington, nr Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 7LB

The first 5 members to arrive are covered by the concession. Subsequent arrivals will need to pay for a day ticket


(Bob's Lake excluded)

The first 5 members to arrive are covered by the concession


Subsequent arrivals will need to pay for a day ticket






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