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APRIL 2019

A big thank you to those Members who attended the Game Section meeting and the Club AGM.

It makes a real difference to officers of the Club, when meetings such as these are supported. A special thanks also to Chris Yates who, with Hugh Miles, was at the AGM to present the awards for the Club’s first photographic competition.


My highlight from the AGM was the talk by Richard Gardiner of CEFAS, who also is a Club Member, and who at short notice provided a very interesting insight into Koi Herpesvirus [KHV] and the recent number of outbreaks among fisheries. The emphasis remains with individual fishermen to be really careful about ensuring tackle is clean and dry between sessions – it really is important to get nets and carp mats out in the sunshine to dry off as that is a really good sterilisation process.


As I have previously advised, KHV is a warm water disease and occurs at temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius. The obvious clinical sign is necrotic gills but fish may well show erratic behaviour in the water often moving to water inlets to seek oxygen, showing a loss of balance and moving into shallows. KHV is a killer and living with it after an infection is complex and something the Club obviously wants to avoid. Part of the issue remains water quality and stocking density, bad water quality and too many fish increases the risk. As the most likely source of infection will be from bought in fish, your Committee will be risk averse about additional stocking of carp. Fortunately we do not need any at present in any event.


Of course the Kingsbridge complex has had its numbers of carp sustained by the use of the stock pond and bringing on young fish over a number of years. The latest release has just provided some wonderful carp to go on and prosper in the main lakes.  The Committee has decided that the Club’s next purchase of fingerlings for the stock pond will be tench, much loved for their fighting qualities.


Inevitably part of the problem the Committee has is trying to meet Members’ aspirations about where you want to fish. For the last two years a questionnaire has been circulated at the AGM asking where individual’s fish and with an estimate about how often in terms of number of fishing days. The results have been reasonably consistent over these two years and show that Kingsbridge accounts for about a third of the recorded fishing days, with Edmondsham in second place with just over a quarter of the visits.

However there remains a real interest in fishing the River Stour. The days of River fishing are more limited both by the close season and obviously bad days when the River is in flood.  Adding together the fishing days on the stretches around Wimborne shows just under a quarter (24.32%) of the Members’ days were out on the River.


Results of the AGM Club Questionnaire 2019 are below, showing the percentage of fishing days attributable to each coarse fishing venue. [NB. This information remains only the very roughest of guides].


Kingsbridge 34%

Edmonsdsham Lake 26.07%

Hatch Pond 4.4%

Alder Hill 1.2%

Creekmoor 5.8%

Little Canford Ponds 0.88%

Longham Lakes

Orchard Lakes 0.66%

Revels Lakes 1.35%


Netherwood Mead 2.42%

Tricketts and Parsons 6.88%

Baileys 9.32%

Purchases 2.4%

Chissels 3.3%

Buggs .44%


Durweston Mill .22%

Longham Water works .66%

More Thanks and

where do you Fish?

By Mike Hirsh, Club Chairman

  • 'More Thanks and where do you Fish?' from Club Chairman Mike Hirsh
  • 'Club Waters and Anticipation' from Mike Hirsh
  • Hatch Pond parking reminder from Club Secretary Stuart Hitchman
  • Fly Fishing opne day from Paul Nicholls, Club Game Secretary
  • Stick Baits Comp reminder from Club Media Officer, James Nash

It is a good spring so far, although the water levels are down slightly on where I think they should be – a reflection on the relatively dry spring. However, we have not suffered that cold that got us off to such a bad start in 2018.


In the last few weeks I have been out to Kingsbridge, which looked terrific, particularly Packhorse with the better surfaces on the perimeter path and rebuilt swims. I also went to Winterborne Zelston which was like looking into an aquarium – it is the clearest water I know of, and I could just stand there and forget time slipping, watching the fish swim about over the weed. I did not fish either water but there was a certain feel of anticipation.


I also went to Creekmoor Ponds, where I did fish – the water in both lakes was also looking excellent. I was there to help out with a day’s fishing for some young people, but the critical point in the context of this article is that Brian Heap was fishing too and he caught some terrific roach. The biggest was large enough to be properly admired by all present. It was one of those interesting catches.  For me, it posed the question about the potential size of the roach at Creekmoor – there must be two pounders; but is there a three?

It is the season of anticipation so enjoy it!

Club Waters and Anticipation.

By Mike Hirsh, Club Chairman

Creekmoor Lakes

The Club has received a number of complaints recently about vehicles illegally parked at Hatch Pond. Members are reminded that all vehicles must be parked in Stinsford Road and that Borough of Poole Council parking restrictions are in force on Hatch Pond Road. Traffic wardens will issue parking fines for illegally parked vehicles.


Under no circumstances are member’s vehicles to be parked on the grass.

Hatch Pond Parking – a reminder to all members

By Stuart Hitchman, Club Secretary

A nice 4 1/2lb tench from Hatch Pond

We'll soon be starting to publish the entries into the Sticky Baits Competition.


There are three prizes on offer, totalling £175 worth of bait to redeem from Wessex Angling. Simply send us your carp fishing images with a short accompanying story and you'll be in with a chance of winning.


Entries can be fish captures, scenery or indeed wildlife, anything than encapsulates why being out on the bank is an attractive proposition!


Entry closes May 31st, so plenty of time to capture that special moment if you've yet to do so.

£175 Sticky Baits giveaway

By James Nash, Club Media Officer

We're pleased to announce our first ever fly fishing open day, open to anyone without fly fishing experience. The event is free to attend and is split over three sessions throughout the day (Saturday 4th May) Please see the poster for further details. Our Game Secretary Paul Harvey Nicholls can be contacted via email to book your place:




We hope to see you there!


Fly fishing open day

By Paul Nicholls, Club Game Secreatary






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