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A Passion For Angling

Presented by Chris Yates and Hugh Miles

First aired on BBC2, and later published in hardback, A Passion for Angling follows intrepid anglers Chris Yates and Bob James as they journey across Britain in search of monsters.


Widely regarded as the best televised angling series ever produced, six evocative episodes  take the team from salmon fishing on the Tweed to the pursuit of giant carp at Redmire Pool and beyond, all filmed by renowned film maker Hugh Miles.


Most of us will remember the first time we saw the film, for some of us it was the inspiration needed to embrace the sport of angling ever since.


Chris and Hugh will be sharing their memories of the series exclusively for WDAC members this November and will be available to take questions from members at the end.


7.30pm, Thursday 23 November

Royal British Legion Club

76A Blandford Rd, Corfe Mullen, Wimborne BH21 3HQ




A Passion for Angling - the book

A brace of large roach from Hugh

Chris at Redmire

The infamous scarecrow!

Episode 1

Childhood dreams

A journey of rediscovery. Chris and Bob prove the secret of success is not how to catch, but how to enjoy.

Episode 2

In search of salmon and autumn glory

On a light-hearted journey through Scotland, Bob and Chris find that there's more to angling than catching fish.

Episode 3

Midwinter madness and monster myths

The true angler's favourite season. Venturing out on a cold winter's day Chris and Bob find that the legend of the River Kennet is not one fish, but two.

Youtube video's courtesy of AnAngler, as featured on the passion for Angling official website.


Late summer is not a great time of year for fishermen.

In the last month I have looked at a rather sad trout lake at Winterborne Zelston, the level of which is low and is not filling at the same rate as last year, or for that matter the year before. I believe the lack of water is due largely to the dry 2016/17 winter which did not lead to a charging of the aquifer as in the previous two years. Last year the Club re-stocked this lake on the 16th September but the water level was higher and at present I know Paul Nicholls is waiting and watching.


Little Canford’s lake is also well down, reflecting in some part, the low flows in the River Stour. Indeed, I looked at the Stour at Blandford yesterday and it seemed almost reticent to flow at all.


My grandson Jack and I monitor the River Allen as we cross the footbridge close to Allenview House on the way to Wimborne First School. Whilst it is not water over which the Club has any control it provides an indicator of the health of the water in the area (and of course is also fed off the chalk like Winterborne Zelston)   Its level has been low for most of the summer and currently the shoal of grayling and trout by the bridge appear listless, awaiting a change in the conditions.


Of course some of our waters fare better than others largely due to the local geology and the way the water is delivered, so the Club’s lakes at Kingsbridge, Edmondsham and Rawlsbury, for example are better fishing options because the flows are better controlled.


The Jet Stream is due to bring the remains of weather that was at one-time hurricanes Maria and Lee, to us next week, but no major storm warning has yet been issued. [I understand that the next Storm is to be named Brian, presumably after our much-revered acting Treasurer and Vice President, in due course].  Aileen the storm that came through on the 12/13th September deposited little rain and its effects are long gone. Let us hope for a good wet winter!


Meanwhile, enjoy this late summer and early autumn period for what it is. I intend to try fishing with elderberries, which is not something I have done since I used to fish the Thames as a teenager.


Mike Hirsh


What Happened at the 5th September Club Committee.

The key items arising from the Meeting of the Club’s Committee on the 5th September were:

• Agreement to commit the Club to running on the new website produced for us by James Nash of Ngage Consultancy [at no cost to the Club – much thanks to James].

• Feedback on the dredging of the top lake at Edmonsham with grateful thanks to the Club Members who gave up time to carry out the work.

• Progress on the rebuilding of the fishing platforms at Winterborne Zelston, where the Angling Trust grant is funding the materials. Again, the work is being done by core of Members.


There was also:


• Feedback on the ‘Lets Go Family Fishing’ day at Little Canford Ponds on the 19th August.  There is no doubt that the Club’s future remains in trying to attract new Members to bolster the overall numbers and this initiative brought in about ten families to try the fishing experience. Next year it is intended to build on this experience and do it better so if anyone is interested in helping and;

• An interim report on the progress of the planning application submitted to North Dorset District Council for a container storage unit and a hard surface parking area at Winterborne Zelston for use by the platform where disabled persons have priority,


In relation to the regular reports by Committee Members the meeting receives a monthly financial position statement for our Treasurer who highlighted that this year the Club will have spent more than the usual amount on postage because of the mailing out of the new loose-leaf Membership books.  The management of the club finances is not like a normal business in that the main revenue stream comes from the membership subscriptions and these arrive throughout the year. Thus, whilst the Club’s officers know and make provision for the payments for rents for Club’s waters there remains uncertainty about the total income stream. However, this year the financial position as at the end of August looks sound.


Mike Hirsh


An Overview of Works at Creekmoor Ponds

Club volunteers and other partners have been working extremely hard to improve the accessibility at Creekmoor Ponds.

Focussing attention on inclusivity ‘Access for All’ the Club successfully secured grants in excess of £7,000 from the Angling Trust’s Angling Improvement Fund. Work at the site commenced in early January and concluded in May.


Below are some fantastic photographs of the works taken by Club member, Mr Hugh Miles. These photographs beautifully illustrate the sites stunning transformation.



Volunteers from Sparsholt College, busy removing one of the rotten platforms.

WDAC member clearing trees at one of the new bankside swims.

WDAC, Poole Council and Sparsholt College hard at work constructing the new stone pathways.

WDAC skilled plant operators make light work of moving 250 tonne of stone.

The end result, new pathways and fishing swims.

The icing on the cake, stocking Carp from Poole Park!

With an on-site car park, situated at the end of Petersham Road, access to Creekmoor ponds couldn’t be easier. Go on give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.





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