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Management of our waters

By Stuart Hitchman, Club Secretary

The management of Wimborne and District Angling Club water is the collective responsibility of its membership. With a large portfolio of water the Club will always be reliant on its membership to provide the voluntary labour necessary to maintain and improve the portfolio.


With the success of recent grant applications the Club has commenced a series of extensive improvement works all of which have required voluntary labour including carpenters for platform construction; plant operators for groundworks and dredging; brick layers for blockwork and tree surgeons for husbandry. Furthermore, there is a large ongoing maintenance burden which includes work such as weed clearance; the application of micro-chalk; grass, hedge and canopy cutting. The Club desperately needs more volunteers particularly to ensure the timely completion of grant funded projects.


Whilst 2017 has seen a great deal of improvement, 2018 promises to be even more productive. Extensive groundworks are scheduled for Kingsbridge in the New Year and will transform ‘Access for All’.

This project will require significant membership assistance as will the associated preventative maintenance across all of our waters. There is also work which will require major inputs at Winterborne Zelston with the aim of providing a new storage container that will require installation and the laying out of disabled person parking spaces.


An important point about work on our fisheries is that it gives those who do it a better understanding of the Club’s waters. Talking to Club colleagues also provides the opportunity to swap information and tips.  It is always surprising how fish and wildlife come to watch what is going on. It is also important for all Members to realise that any contribution is highly valued. If you are simply able to spend a bit of time cutting back vegetation around swims or help wheelbarrow weed away, when others deliver it to the bank it all helps.


Many hands make light work, if you feel you can assist in 2018 then please email the Club’s secretary, Stuart Hitchman, who will ensure you are kept abreast of forthcoming work.


To summarise, WDAC improvement and maintenance work is the collective responsibility of its membership and includes:

Platform construction



Weed clearing

Tree surgery

Many hands make light work!

The club's committee meeting and other related news

October 2017, Mike Hirsh, Club Chairman

As you will know the Committee meets in the first week of every month on a Tuesday. On reviewing the minutes there were five items that seemed to me of general interest.


Some items of course get overtaken by events! At this Committee Stuart Davison, your officer with special responsibility for our River, reported that he had recently walked the Club’s stretches of the River Stour and had not sighted any cormorants. However, the first sightings of this autumn have since been made and the Club is therefore initiating the plans, discussed at the last AGM, to scare off the birds, working in concert with the local landowners and also the local police.


Please keep logging cormorant sightings on the Club’s web-site. It is that information which played a major part in the Club obtaining the necessary licence from Natural England.


Incidentally, if you go to Winterborne Zelston there is now a bird scarer line erected diagonally across the lake. This is an experiment. The Canada Geese annual invasion has mostly departed, but this may help deter the stragglers. As the water has recently been stocked it is hoped that this will also deter cormorants (It is a proto-type of something that may get strung across the top lake at Edmonsham when that lake is re-stocked).


Elsewhere in this newsletter there is an article by the Stuart Hitchman, Club Secretary, on working parties. I personally enjoy working by and occasionally in our waters, as much as fishing them. If you have a favourite water let Stuart know that if there is to be a working party there you will come and help. Quite often there is also food at the end of working parties!  However, we also need materials and at the last Committee there was a discussion about sourcing useful materials. In the particular case it was additional sections of scaffold poles for jetty repair work at Zelston, but I am sure there must be Members with contacts which could help the Club source all manner of useful stuff.  If you have anything you think the Club might find useful or you do have a good contact for materials or machinery and plant, please let Stuart Hitchman or myself know.


The work to the top lake at Edmonsham was the subject of a report concerned with the construction of a new monk. Those Club volunteers involved in building this important piece of kit have done a terrific job and I am full of admiration for the quality of the work. I am personally very pleased and excited at the prospect that this lake will be brought back to active use in the near future. Edmonsham remains one of my favourite places.


Sean Harris, your Welfare Officer, reported that 6 new junior members had joined the Club as a result of the recent ‘Lets’s go Family Fishing days’ held at Little Canford. The Club had also provided coaching assistance to the Longham Lake open day. With some 300 guests, the day had represented an excellent opportunity for the Club to advertise too.

The Club’s coaches intend organising a junior fishing club for the 2018 summer holiday period if the logistics can be managed. The junior membership is the future of the Club - we need new blood!  I continue to be delighted by how many children, given the opportunity, enjoy being out and learning to fish. In this age of hi-tech alternatives, it tends to suggest that the attraction of fish and water nonetheless remains high; we just need to facilitate the opportunities.


As foreshadowed previously, many of you will know the Club has been working for national accreditation with the Angling Trust. In this context it has become apparent that the current policy with regard to when a child is able to access our waters unaccompanied is not in accordance with best practice. The Angling Trust’s Child Protection Department advocates the guidelines set out by the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) which categorise a child as any person less than 18 years of age. Furthermore, these guidelines are recognised by Fish Legal, the Club’s insurers and inform this Company’s policy with regard to public liability.


Paramount is the Club’s duty of care to ensure its junior membership is appropriately safeguarded. It is therefore incumbent on the Club to better align policy, and more importantly enhance child protection. In light of all of the above the Committee has taken the decision to increase the age a junior member can fish Club waters unaccompanied from 12 to 16 years of age. This policy will take effect from 1 January 2018 and will be reflected in the Club’s constitution. Each affected junior member will be written to individually by the Club Secretary in the next few weeks.


Last, but not least, at the last meeting there was also a report on the proposed event to take place in the evening of the 23 November at Corfe Mullen Royal British Legion. This is a marvellous opportunity to listen to Chris Yates and Hugh Miles talk about Passion for Angling. I have registered to attend and I hope you have too!


Mike Hirsh

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A Passion For Angling

Presented by Chris Yates and Hugh Miles

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First aired on BBC2, and later published in hardback, A Passion for Angling follows intrepid anglers Chris Yates and Bob James as they journey across Britain in search of monsters.


Widely regarded as the best televised angling series ever produced, six evocative episodes take the team from salmon fishing on the Tweed to the pursuit of giant carp at Redmire Pool and beyond, all filmed by renowned film maker Hugh Miles.


Most of us will remember the first time we saw the film, for some of us it was the inspiration needed to embrace the sport of angling ever since.


Chris and Hugh will be sharing their memories of the series exclusively for WDAC members this November and will be available to take questions from members at the end.


7.30pm, Thursday 23rd November

Royal British Legion Club

76A Blandford Rd, Corfe Mullen, Wimborne, BH21 3HQ

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