1st Prize

2nd Prize



Hatch Pond

Saturday 5th May - Sunday 6th May (24hrs)

  • 1st match Saturday 5th May - Sunday 6th May (24 hours)
  • Venue: Hatch Pond
  • Arrival for 7.00am, match to commence 9.00am. Match to finish 9.00am Sunday morning
  • £20 entry per angler payable on entry via Paypal below.
  • Maximum 6 entrants
  • First come, first serve basis
  • The entrants with the highest total weights will win
  • Match adjudicated by a club committee member
  • Have a laugh, get out on the bank and enjoy the competition!

The 2018 series in more detail

Particulars, format & rules

The first match has been arranged as the per the details above for Hatch Pond. Should the event be popular and should there be a demand, we will arrange further matches this year across different venues.

The format

  • 6 entrants competing for 2 prizes
  • 1st prize will be £80, 2nd prize will be £40
  • Prizes will be paid via PAYPAL as soon as possible after the match
  • All matches adjudicated by a club committee member who will be present for the entire match.
  • Junior members are very welcome to participate with an accompanying adult present



The rules


  • Two rods are permitted at this venue.
  • All matches will commence at 9.00am on the dates listed above
  • Entrants will meet the match official at 7.00am to draw swims and will be permitted 2 hours to rake swims, marker and spod/spomb their section of water.
  • The draw will be numbers out of a hat. The draw will be based on watercraft, allowing entrants to choose their preferred swim in the order they are drawn.
  • Bait boats and echo sounders will NOT be permitted.
  • A whistle at 9.00am will signal the start of the match
  • A whistle will signal the end of the match. Entrants will be permitted 15 minutes to land any fish, after which they will not count.
  • Once the match starts at 9.00am no further marker work or raking will be permitted for the remainder of the match.
  • Catapults and throwing sticks are permitted for the entire duration of the match.
  • Each carp caught will be weighed by the match official on a set of calibrated club scales. The official will then log your fish and its weight.
  • The mobile number(s) of the official(s) of each match will be provided to each entrant to enable them to remain in their swim whilst awaiting the weighing of a caught fish.
  • Fish caught overnight need to be looked after correctly, please see the fish care section
  • Only carp caught in a match will count towards an entrants final weight. Other species will not be accounted for.
  • All entrants MUST provide a valid EA licence.
  • The decision of the match official will be final. Any disrespectful behaviour towards the official will result in immediate expulsion from the series and may result in disciplinary action in front of the clubs committee.
  • In the event of an entrant being disqualified from the series, no refund will be given.
  • WDAC reserve the right to use photography and film from the event to promote the club
  • All entrants MUST possess a thick unhooking mat/cradle, a 42'' landing net, a retention sling and a form of carp care solution. Anyone who arrives without all of the above items will not be permitted to fish until they have these items. There will be NO exceptions.
  • Entrants are encouraged to contact the series organiser to confirm their equipment is appropriate before the start of the series to avoid any potential issues.
  • If a lake displays ANY sign that the present carp are spawning, the match will cease immediately. In this instance, we will provide an alternative date for a rematch based on the feedback of availability of the entrants.
  • In this instance fish caught will not contribute towards the series score, however large fish will still be eligible for the largest fish of the series prize.
  • Fish will need to be safely retained whilst awaiting the arrival of a match official. For those who are unsure on best practices, the match official will brief entrants at the start of each match
  • Any instances of serious lack of care towards the fish will result in disqualification from the series.
  • We will be introducing a limit on the amount of bait an entrant will be permitted to use. This will be made clear at least a week before any of the heats, after consultation with the entrants.


  • If any entrant to the series has a disability, we ask that you contact us before the first event.
  • We will offer any assistance that is required in this instance and will look at potential venue alternatives for those who would be unable to gain access to a venue.
  • This event is open to ALL members of the club and we will facilitate the needs of each and every angler.

Last but certainly not least

Whilst it's important we have guidelines and rules for the series, especially as far as fish care is concerned, it's also important the series is enjoyed by all who attend. We would therefore ask all entrants to embrace the participation of juniors (if present) and to join us in the ethos of a friendly, welcoming competition.


It's the first series we've held, whilst we have diligently gone through the mechanics of the competition, there may well be further points that require consideration. We will look at these if required and make decisions on such matters before the match commences. We will welcome any comments and feedback - please email James website@wimborneanddistrictanglingclub.co.uk if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.


We hope that the event is welcomed by the membership and proves popular. Entries will be on a first come first serve basis via the form and Paypal button below:

Series entry form and payment section

Entries will be on a first come, first serve basis


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Thank you. Your details have been received. We will email you to confirm your entry. Please use the Paypal facility below to make your payment


Your entry will cost £20.00 and can be paid using the Paypal button below

Once we have received your details from the form above, as well as your payment, we will email you to confirm your registration.


If the event becomes full before we have chance to remove this section, any monies received will be returned to you as soon as possible.


The series organiser is James Nash, who will be accompanied by Stuart Hitchman, Steve Neale and George Frost in adjudicating the matches.


James can be contacted on website@wimborneanddistrictanglingclub.co.uk regarding entry and registration. Once registered we will provide you with phone numbers for the above persons to ensure communication prior, during and post each match is possible.


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